Kitten or adult cat? Pro and con

Would you like to adopt a cat and are you faced with the decision of whether it should become a kitten or an adult cat? Here are a few important tips that will make your decision a little easier. Small kittens need to be well brought up - Shutterstock / Pshenina_m

Kittens are irresistibly cute, playful, clumsy and beautiful to look at - so why not buy a young cat? Well, as cute as a kitten is, raising it means a lot of work. So you definitely have to have enough time for the little velvet paw. An adult cat usually demands significantly less from you. Both ages have advantages and disadvantages, there is no general right or wrong. But you should make your decision based on the right criteria.

Kittens: Patience is required in the first few months

Kittens have the baby bonus - and rightly so. Watching a young kitten play and explore the world is an absolute privilege. However, a young cat also means a lot of effort: kittens have to be brought up, for example learning to walk to the litter box first, they are not immediately house-trained. You need protection and security, but also space to let off steam - that's usually your home. And this is not infrequently affected by carelessly frolicking kittens.

If you have small children at home, they must first learn how to properly handle the kitten. In any case, you should be aware of the responsibility that a young cat brings with you and have enough time, especially in the first few months. If this is the case and you can fully adapt to the small whirlwind, a young velvet paw will of course give you a lot of joy.

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Adult cats are usually very grateful

An adult cat from one year of age is already much calmer than a kitten and, depending on its origin, usually well socialized. If you buy or adopt an adult fur nose - for example from a shelter - you should definitely familiarize yourself with its history in order to be prepared for possible special behaviors. Some cats may not like to be at home alone or are afraid of certain objects or situations - you should definitely know about this.

Another big advantage of a full-grown kitty: It already has a solid character and you know exactly what kind of velvet paw you bring home. Is it more playful or very calm? Are you allowed to hug her or don't you like it? You can easily find out all about an adult cat while the character of a little kitten is still developing.

Basically, an adult cat is very grateful for a new, loving home - especially if it comes from a foster home or an animal shelter. When choosing the right cat, your own living conditions are always decisive. For example, someone who has little time should rather opt for a rather independent, adult cat.

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