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The Australian Silky Terrier inherited its long, silky, shiny coat from its father, the Yorkshire Terrier, which is why they are often confused with each other, but these are two distinct breeds.


THE Australian Silky Terrier was born from the idea of ​​creating a dog like the Australian Terrier, but sweeter, smaller, slimmer and more elegant, which retains its hunter qualities, in addition to improving and highlighting its blue and red colors. Finally, this breed was born from the cross between the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier and was used for hunting small domestic rodents. At the beginning of the 20th century, two different patterns for the Silky Terrier were developed in different parts of Australia, causing some conflicts as the crosses between the two breeds continued. The official standard of the breed was fixed in 1907 and in 1936 information was added to prevent further crossings between Yorkies and the Australian Terrier, thus avoiding further changes in the breed. Known for many years as the Sydney Silky Terrier, the name was officially changed to Australian Silky in 1955.


Like any Terrier, the Australian Silky Terrier is tenacious, dynamic and faithful, but it is also affectionate and docile. He likes to please his owners, keep them company and also loves to play with children, as long as they treat him with respect and do not irritate him on purpose. With rare exceptions, the Silky Terrier tends to keep his distance from strangers, without being aggressive or shy with them.

THE Australian Silky Terrier it is not the typical lap dog that people are used to. Insightful, independent and sassy, ​​they have enough energy and spirit to entertain an entire audience. Actually two auditoriums. Friendly and loving, they create strong bonds with their whole family and their joy and curiosity make them fun companions who are in every corner of the house all the time.

Dogs of this breed can be somewhat independent, needing a little space and time for themselves from time to time, without the presence of their owners. But they also need activities, company and attention. They found themselves very well inside the house, being very active and possessive with her and with those who live in her as well. This is demonstrated with a great deal of apparent self-confidence and non-aggressiveness. Absurdly protective and fearless, they have a relentless bark that, combined with all these characteristics, make them excellent guard dogs.

Australian Silky Terrier Dogs get along very well with children, but they don't have much patience with sudden movements and rough play. This breed can also be demanding and stubborn if they don't get things the way they want it and at the time they want it. To avoid this, make sure that they have enough attention and exercise and they will always have a good attitude.


The Australian Silky Terrier is a compact, fast, short-bodied and strong-legged dog, the typical toy-sized dog, slightly longer than tall. He has small ears, raised and set high, in the shape of a "V". In countries where this is permitted, it is customary for its tail to be clipped. Its coat is thin, shiny and silky, with approximately 15 cm in length from the back of its ears to the beginning of the tail. It can be blue and fire or bluish gray and fire.

The head of the Australian Silky Terrier it is long and slightly shorter in the region between the nose and the eyes. His snout is black and his eyes are almond-shaped, with a sharp and fiery expression, which are justified when he decides to put his natural talents into practice, finds and kills an unsuspecting domestic rodent. In general they behave in a confident and lively manner, with their tails firmly up all the time.

Specific care

It is a dog that adapts easily to life in the big city, but requires minimal daily exercise. They like to follow their owners on their walks, whether in the city or in the countryside.

The owner must educate his Australian Silky Terrier with a lot of discipline and regularity. Socialization is very important, a dog too shy can become a dog that bites strangers or even its owners, out of pure fear.

It is recommended that you brush your hair at least twice a week to keep your hair clean and free of knots, but daily brushing ensures that your hair is always shiny and silky. Some grooming is also necessary, especially in the heat and some owners choose to tie the hair on their head with a bow so it doesn't fall into their eyes.


THE Australian Silky Terrier it is a very resistant dog, although they may have cases of diseases common to small breeds such as hypoglycemia, dislocation of the kneecap, kidney stones, diabetes and epilepsy.

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