Say goodbye: the last few hours with the dog

Saying goodbye to a beloved dog is painful. How big this pain really is can only be felt by those who have owned a pet that they have lost. The time before death is precious and should be well prepared. Say goodbye: the last few hours with the dog - Photo: Shutterstock / jamiehooper

Saying goodbye to the dog: you know the right time

No matter how long your best friend has been with you, death is a drastic and painful experience for anyone who loves their animal and considers it a family member. The decision of the time of death is seldom relieved of your loyal companion's peaceful sleep. The reality is that you have to see for yourself when the time is right. Fear plays a big role in this. Fear of choosing too early, but also too late. Nobody wants to separate from their four-legged friend. It is all the more important to put your own wishes back and make the decision.

Make the final preparations before death

So make yourself aware very early on that the decision-making process may come up to you soon. Talk to your vet and get advice for the past few hours. For example, clarify whether it would be possible to sleep at home. Provisions must also be made for the period thereafter. Today, animal cemeteries and other types of burial offer suitable opportunities to say goodbye. Also, talk to your family and friends about the imminent loss and don't be left alone with their pain. A tip at the end: Above all, spend a lot of time with your dog. If you consciously experience the last few hours with your best friend, this may not really alleviate your grief, but it still gives you and your companion a little piece of peace.

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