Veterinary management system

The universe of veterinary medicine and establishments in the pet world is increasingly larger and more in demand, and those who work directly with this type of business on a day-to-day basis need a veterinary management system so that it is possible to promote fluidity and agility to the your establishment.

Thinking about it, our portal presents its own veterinary management system, which serves as a powerful tool for organization and practicality in the business routine of companies in the pet world.

Developed by experienced veterinarians, the cloud veterinary management system was developed taking into account the limitations encountered by professionals in the field in the use of other systems already available on the market, allowing better visibility when serving customers and also facilitating the management of the business as a whole.

Aimed at all types of business in the pet world, the system can be used both by individual professionals in this universe (including dog walkers and pet sitters) and by large companies (such as veterinary clinics and hospitals, intensive care centers and pet shops), and because it is responsive, it can also be accessed via tablets or smartphones.

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Even though it is an online management tool, the system is extremely light and does not require the hiring of very powerful internet packages to work efficiently. Allowing the updating of data entered in the system in real time, the tool ensures that the establishment has access to the information collected whenever it wishes, and eliminates the risks of such documents being lost.

Part of the benefits package of our portal platform, the management system for clinics and pet shops is the only one in the market that comes with a special showcase inside the portal, capable of increasing the visibility of the business in front of potential new customers and also helps to retain the old clientele, since special reminders of baths, grooming and vaccination (among others) ) can be sent to the guardians who took their dogs or cats to the establishment.

Helping establishments in the veterinary and pet universe to win and retain their customers, the combination of a showcase and management system helps the entrepreneur to control the entire flow of customers and even the stock of stores that work with products for dogs and cats, in addition to allow a special registration form to be made for each animal served at the establishment, keeping all kinds of information regarding their care and the history of pet health problems in question.

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