4 Ways to Find a Horse to Buy

Gloria has been riding horses and working in the horse industry for most of her life. She has owned her own horse and helped friends too.

What You Need Before Searching

Before you begin searching for the right horse to buy, you need to make sure you have several things in line.

  1. Time: Don’t be in a rush or have a time limit on finding a horse. If you are or do, you could end up settling for or not being happy with the horse you buy. You must allow yourself to try multiple horses and make sure you know what you are looking for in your perfect match.
  2. Money and a stable income: The cheapest part of owning a horse is buying it. After you buy a horse, you will have monthly payments you need to be able to make. Expect to spend $200–500 a month on a horse and an additional $300–500 in farrier and vet bills annually.
  3. Reliable place to keep your horse: Have somewhere lined up to keep your horse at after you purchase them. You should have a barn or pasture picked out and ensure that they have a spot for your horse if you were to purchase one.
  4. Vet and farrier: Pick out a vet and farrier that you would like to initially use for your horse. After you purchase the horse and get a copy of the horse's recent vetting past (vaccines, deworming, etc.), you should talk about vaccines and what else you may need to do with your new horse.

1. Online Sites

Using websites such a Dream Horse, Equinenow, Equine, and Horsesales are all good ways to find horses for sale. They, however, can easily scam you or the horse may be listed in an area but it actually is in a different state. To avoid getting scammed, make sure you and another person (don't go alone) go to actually physically look at where the horse has been living (don't agree to meet them elsewhere).

Tell them you want to see them catch the horse, groom, and saddle. That way you can see if the horse is good at being caught and can tie and can do other basic things like stand while being tacked up. Then have the owner or trainer ride the horse first, then you ride.

Horses being drugged while potential buyers look at a horse is a possibility. So it's important to visit the horse a few times and to also bring a vet to do a pre-purchase exam that will reveal if the horse has had any drugs in its system.

My Top Horse-Selling Websites

  1. Equine Now is a popular site to search for horses by state, city, breed, ages, price, and other important filters. Start with a wide search by state then narrow down your search. If you start with too narrow of a search with tons of filters you may not get any results.
  2. Horse Clicks is similar to equine now. Use it the same way.
  4. Dream Horse
  5. Ranch World Ads is more for western and ranch horses, but still good
  6. Craigslist is probably the more sketchy of all platforms because it is free to post animals for sale. It's still worth checking out, just follow the 'how to avoid getting scammed' tips I provided earlier.

2. Facebook Groups

Facebook has become a great tool to sell things in the past year or so with the emergence of Facebook Marketplace. People have started selling animals on Facebook as well. However, it is illegal to do so on the Marketplace. So instead people usually will post to a group page with photos and a description of the horse for sale under the photo.

To find a Facebook group with horses for sale in your area, use the FB search bar and type in “horses for sale in _____." If there are no results, try broadening the location in your search.

3. Auctions

A really popular way that a lot of large horse operations such as dude ranches buy horses for on the cheaper side is from auctions. However, auctions have a high risk of potential fraud. Horses could be drugged at the auction showing to make them appear calmer. Sometimes horses could also have an injury or a permanent lameness that you won't see at the auction because the owner drugs the horse to hide it. So being wary and making sure you research who is attending the auction to sell the horse is important.

4. Word of Mouth

Start talking to different horse trainers and instructors around the area you live to put the word out that you are looking to buy a horse. People who have personal horses for sale would prefer to sell the horse to someone by referral because they know that whomever they sell the horse to will take care of the horse. Having trainers and instructors recommend you as a horse buyer to people who have their horses for sale is huge.

Liz Westwood from UK on January 31, 2020:

I have a friend, who has owned several horses, so some of your comments remind me of the processes she has gone through when looking for a horse to buy. This is a well-organised and nicely illustrated article.


  • 1 Types of Pets
    • 1.1 Robux Pets
    • 1.2 Gamepass Pets
  • 2 Events
    • 2.1 Halloween and Christmas Events
      • 2.1.1 Halloween (2019)
      • 2.1.2 Halloween (2020)
      • 2.1.3 Christmas (2019)
      • 2.1.4 Winter Holiday (2020)
    • 2.2 Monkey Fairground Event
  • 3 Ages & Tricks
  • 4 Special Pet Items
    • 4.1 Ride-A-Pet Potion
    • 4.2 Fly-A-Pet Potion
    • 4.3 Neon Pets
    • 4.4 Mega Neon Pet
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    • 4.6 Honey
    • 4.7 Diamond Lavender
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    • 4.10 Ox Box
  • 5 Trivia

Skyblock - How to Obtain all Pets


Dedicated Member

Pets are a great addition to the game! They can make you more powerful, faster, increase your mana, etc. But a lot of the pets in Skyblock are hard to figure out how to get your pixelated hands on.


Mining Pets:
-Silverfish, Cobblestone VI, 5k, Costs 64 Enchanted Cobblestone and 1 Enchanted Egg
-Wither Skeleton, Coal IX, 50k, Costs 8 Enchanted Coal Blocks and 1 Super Enchanted Egg
-Endermite, End Stone VII, 10k, COMING SOON
-Bat, Mushroom IX, 50k, Costs 64 Enchanted Brown Mushrooms and 1 Enchanted Egg

Farming Pets:
-Bee, obtained by talking to Bea in the house across from the Bartender. Costs vary based on level.
-Chicken, Raw Chicken VI, 5k, Costs 64 Enchanted Raw Chicken and 1 Enchanted Egg
-Rabbit, Raw Rabbit II, 100, Costs 64 Raw Rabbit and 1 Enchanted Egg

Combat Pets:
-Horse, Leather IX, 50k, Costs 8 Enchanted Leather and 1 Enchanted Egg
-Pigman, Porkchop VIII, 25k, Costs 8 Enchanted Grilled Pork and 1 Super Enchanted Egg
-Zombie, Rotten Flesh IX, 50k, COMING SOON
-Skeleton, Bone VI, 5k, COMING SOON
-Spider, String IX, 50k, COMING SOON
-Cave Spider, Spider Eye VIII, 25k, COMING SOON
-Blaze, Blaze Rod IX, 50k, Costs 64 Enchanted Blaze Rods and 1 Super Enchanted Egg
-Wolf, Spruce Wood VIII, 25k, Costs 512 Enchanted Spruce Wood and 1 Enchanted Egg
-Skeleton Horse, Spooky Event Reward, Requires 2400 Candy Points or #1
-Phoenix, Rare Drop, Legendary 1/10,000,000 Drop Chance, Epic 1/1,000,000 from any Mob
-Enderman, Rare Drop, Unknown Drop Chance from 9,000 health Endermen
-Ender Dragon, Rare Drop, 1/80 Drop Chance from any Dragon, however can only be obtained from dragons which you placed 4 or more Summoning Eyes for.
-Snowman, Obtained extremely rarely from Red or Green Gifts.
-Jerry, Costs 8 Jerry Eggs and 1 Enchanted/Super Enchanted Egg, depending on rarity you want.
-Magma Cube, Obtained from getting #1 in Magma Cube boss fight.
-Turtle, Obtained from the Dark Auction
-Tiger, Obtained from the Traveling Zoo for 25,000 coins and 2 Enchanted Raw Chicken

Alchemy Pets:
-Sheep, Raw Mutton VII, 10k, Costs 512 Enchanted Raw Mutton and 1 Enchanted Egg
-Parrot, Obtained from the Dark Auction

Foraging Pets:
-Ocelot, Jungle Wood VIII, 25k, Costs 512 Enchanted Jungle Wood and 1 Enchanted Egg
-Lion, Obtained from the Traveling Zoo for 15,000,000 coins and 1024 Enchanted Raw Beef
-Giraffe Obtained from the Traveling Zoo for 10,000,000 Coins and 512 Enchanted Acacia Wood

Fishing Pets:
-Flying Fish, Rare Drop, Unknown Drop Chance from Sea Emperor
-Squid, Rare Fishing Drop, might need to be raining, unknown for sure though. Odds Unknown.
-Guardian, Rare Fishing Drop. Odds Unknown.
-Blue Whale, Obtained from the Traveling Zoo for 100,000 coins and 16 Enchanted Raw Fish.

Hey, thought I should add really fast that twelve hours from the original upload of this post the first Traveling Zoo event is happening. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it to that one, and probably not the next one either, but I will try to add all the new pets from the (such as Blue Whale), so stay tuned for that.

-Note: I think the Giraffe will be OP for dragon fights so I recommend buying cheap and flipping. The height advantage makes you do a lot more crit damage in midair, so bringin' taraspam back lol

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