Dog Pictures - Your pet in the spotlight

Anyone who has a canine pet at home knows how much fun it can be to take pictures of dogs, either to compose a special album that accompanies the growth of the animal or to post on social networks and share your love for the pet. However, this task can be somewhat complicated in some cases, taking into account the fact that dogs can be extremely agitated and playful, preventing the perfect click from being made.

But whether produced or common, the pictures of dogs they make the whole family happy, and having this type of “file” can be very valuable, allowing pet owners to remember their best and most memorable moments - in addition to their lifelong achievements.

Check out, below, some good tips to click your pet as a real pet model, being able to put together a type of album and image file with the photos of your four-legged friend:

  • Prepare the site
    If your goal is a well-crafted photo, the place where the dog is to be photographed must be prepared in advance; having adequate lighting and enough space for the pet to circulate and not feel trapped.
  • Groom the dog
    A good tip to make the animal calmer is to take the pet for a walk just before the photo shoot. That way, he will be a little bit more tired and with less energy to jump too much while you try the perfect click. In addition, having basic training commands can also be useful at this time, allowing the dog to be controlled more efficiently.

  • Be patient
    Even with a walk, many dogs can still come home full of energy and impatient to "pose" for pictures. Therefore, it is important to remember that owners who want good images of their puppies must be equipped with patience to perform this task, as it can be a little exhausting.
  • Additional Tips
    - Avoid using flash. This can scare and irritate your dog.
    - Let the dog get used to the machine and present the object to him; otherwise, he may feel suspicious.
    - Stay at the same height level as the pet to take the photo. The image will look better and give the impression that the world can be seen through the dog's eyes.
    - Enjoy the moments of distraction of the pet. Very cool and spontaneous photos can be captured at these times.
    - Test different angles to find the best one to photograph your pet.

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