Cat and guests - 5 rules that will help reduce cat stress

Not every cat tolerates strangers visiting the house well. What to do to help him survive the visit of guests painlessly?

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The cat and the guests are not such a simple matter. There are purrs that run to the wardrobe as soon as they hear the doorbell. There are also those that sniff strangers with curiosity and finally become the stars of the evening party to which we invited our guests. Regardless of the nature of our cat - it is worth remembering about a few rules that will minimize the risk of stress resulting from the appearance of "foreign" individuals in its area.

Cat and guests - run out the purr before visiting

Before meeting with friends in your apartment, it is good to run out of your little dog. Fishing rod, ball, balls of paper - whatever works for him. Thus, you will increase the probability that the purr, tired after the races, will simply go to sleep and the visit of guests will not be a source of stress for him.

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Prepare a quiet place and leave the door ajar

Even if your grumbler likes to "hang around" and be around guests, give him the option to withdraw if necessary. Leave the door to the other room ajar or any other room where your friends don't play. Let mruczek know that he can always find a quiet place. Prepare there a blanket or your pet's favorite bedding in advance - whatever he likes, knows and makes him feel safe in it.

If you live in a studio apartment - hide the bedding in the wardrobe or under the bed. Anyway - in a sheltered place. Ask visitors not to disturb your cat if it wants to hide there. And since we are talking about requests for guests ...

Your home - your rules!

Guest house, God in the house - says an old Polish proverb. It's clear that you want to do everything to make your friends or family feel at their best. Remember, however, that you also have the right to respect your own rules - after all, this is your apartment! Therefore, make your friends aware that the cat is not a toy. The most important thing is that they also require this from their younger children, if they also take part in the hospitality.

You don't have to agree to pull the purr's tail, throw balls at him (instead of him) or chase him around the apartment. Especially since a scared cat may have behavioral problems later, and then you will be left with the challenge! Guests may feel good at your place, but at the same time they must respect your rules and not interfere with the well-being of the furry household member. A cat and guests in a room together are not always a good combination.

If the cat is hiding - let him do it

Not every furry dog ‚Äč‚Äčliked strangers. Let it hide in the couch, closet or other favorite place. Do not force it out, because someone would like to stroke it - this way you will achieve the opposite effect to the intended one. Over time, the kitten may dare to stick out its nose and show itself to the world. Perhaps, however, he would remain shy forever. This is fine too! It's just worth accepting it.

Remember about constant access to cat resources

Your cat should have access to essentials such as a litter box and bowls of food and water - no matter how many people are currently in your home. Remember that. Especially pay attention to the entrance to the bathroom - this is where the cat's place is usually located. Meanwhile, many people, especially those who do not share their home with a furry dog, have the habit of closing the toilet door when they leave. Make your guests aware of it, you can also leave a note on the bathroom door.

Keeping in mind these few rules will minimize stress on your cat and make the meeting with guests in your apartment go smoothly.

How do your cats react to guests in the house? We are waiting for your comments!

Author: Marta Martyniak