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German Shepherd Dog: Tips for keeping

If a German Shepherd moves in with you, you should definitely think about the correct posture. Only when a German Shepherd is happy and balanced does he appear as calm, friendly and tolerable as he usually is. A lot of exercise is important for the species-appropriate keeping of a German shepherd - Image: Shutterstock / Eduard Kyslynskyy

Large, strong and active: You can see that a German Shepherd needs a lot of space and employment. A healthy mix of lots of exercise and varied activity for the head is just the thing for his attitude.

German Shepherd Dog: Appropriate Husbandry

A beautiful large garden and lots of exercise, also on the bike, ensure the physical well-being of your four-legged friend. It can also be kept in an apartment with enough space as long as its walks and employment are not neglected.

A German Shepherd can live out his intelligence and willingness to learn, for example, in dog sports such as agility. If you want to do dog sport regularly with him, you should only clarify with your veterinarian beforehand whether this is physically safe. The German Shepherd is a risk patient for hip joint problems and other problems with the musculoskeletal system and this should of course not be increased by too much exercise. For the same reason, a German Shepherd shouldn't climb too many stairs.

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Further care tips for the four-legged friend

The sheepdog's fur is fairly easy to care for and only needs to be brushed from time to time. As with every dog, you should ensure a balanced, healthy diet, always provide him with fresh water, have him vaccinated and checked regularly and check the teeth for tartar and other abnormalities from time to time.

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