Cat sneezes: possible causes

Cat cold is one of the biggest nightmares of velvet paw keepers. If a cat sneezes, there may be other reasons. It could be because of these things, for example. A flower can definitely trigger a cat to sneeze - Image: Shutterstock: Nailia Schwarz

Cats have a very sensitive nose. So a cat sneezes pretty quickly. The triggers of the "hatschi" can be very different. Very banal things are possible, such as a lint or a speck of dust in the nose of your velvet paw. If it itches there, it can trigger the sneezing sensation - just like we humans do. Only that it can go much faster with cats.

The cat sneezes when the nose itches

The vacuum cleaner is one of the causes of sneezing in house tigers. At one point, its use usually whirls up a lot of dust. It is so fine that we humans often do not notice it at all. The nose of the subtle kitty feels immediately disturbed: The cat sneezes. Another trigger is the smells that a vacuum cleaner collects and that the velvet paws perceive much more intensely than we do. The same applies to perfumes, air freshener sprays or the like. At best, use it sparingly when your pet is nearby.

Dry air in the home can also cause your cat to sneeze because the animals' mucous membranes try to compensate for the dryness by producing more moisture. It could also be an allergy to sneezing your velvet paw, it's best to have this checked by your veterinarian.

Ten cats are sneaking around

Possible cause: cat sniffing

But it doesn't have to be any of these relatively harmless causes. The reason your cat sneezes can of course also be a cat sniffing. It is an infectious disease that is transmitted from cat to cat. Medications are urgently needed, so you should quickly go to the vet with your velvet paw. A good immune system can have a preventive effect.

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