Cockapoos: The Cutest Dog in the World!

Rock Artist is a Cockapoo guardian and cares for her beloved companion, Tucker.

Why Cockapoos Are Such Wonderful Dogs

This is my Cockapoo, Tucker, or technically, as my daughter always corrects me, "Cockapoopoo!" Isn't he adorable? I know, I am a little biased, but isn't he?

When I take him for a walk, more often than not, someone stops me to tell me how cute he is, even people with their own cute dogs! He has a beautiful coat of black and white. One time someone even stopped and asked me if he was part Dalmatian!

I think part of what makes Tucker so darn cute is his sweet personality. He has many friends, both canine and human. He is good company during the day (while I'm writing), and well, he is just happy, and it shows.

Dogs smile with their tails, you know, and his is usually wagging. His face is full of expression as you can see from this picture, in which he looks incredibly handsome! There I go again. Is it apparent how much I love this dog???

Cats Are Nice, but Dogs Are Wonderful

Tucker is the first dog I have ever owned, and he is six years old in this picture, he is now 12. I had always wanted a dog when I was a little girl but was not allowed to have one, we had cats, and according to my parents, "no one would walk it, the barking would bother the neighbors, and we don't have a fenced in yard," soooooo, we had cats.

I like cats, but . they are not dogs! Dogs are full of emotion and if they are intelligent, they understand words. You can feel their love with the way they look at you and the way they get upset if you're upset, the way they want to protect you and keep you safe by barking at strangers.

Tucker is very protective and this is something we are working on, his barking. Yes, indeed he can bark a little too much but that's because I have not trained him well in this area. He is so smart though, and generally, he listens to my commands.

We went to puppy school where he learned how to sit and stay, and lay down. He's gotten those commands pretty well mastered, although he mixes them up sometimes.

Videos of Kids Getting a Puppy for Christmas

Characteristics of Cockapoos

Cockapoos have become extremely popular because they usually, more often than not, present the friendly, sweet, and loving personality of the cocker spaniel with the hypo-allergenic, low-shedding and intelligence qualities of the poodle.

Poodles are extremely intelligent and very active, and and thrive when they receive regular exercise and attention.

Since the cockapoo is a cross between these two breeds, the best qualities of both breeds should shine through into the pups. However, as in most cases with cross-breeds, Cockapoos, may inherit the characteristics of either or both their parent breeds. Tucker is great at retrieving a ball as you can see in the video below - poodles have the trait of being excellent retrievers. He also has a strong hunting instinct (loves to chase squirrels and birds) and I believe this is from his Cocker Spaniel ancestors.

While some cockapoos appear more similar to cocker spaniels, others will exhibit more poodle traits, creating a variation in cockapoo appearance and temperament.

Cute Cockapoos

Cockapoos also vary in color which is very nice and gives you a wide variety to pick from. They may be:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Beige or buff
  • Red, including auburn and apricot colors
  • Brown, varying from light to dark and tan
  • Sable, a brown color with tipping and shading in black
  • Cream
  • White
  • Silver
  • Mixtures of more than one color

Cockapoos can be one solid color or can have many different markings, including freckles and patches. Sometimes when they are two different colors their ears will usually be the same color as their patches, not their dominant color. In Tucker's case this is evident because his dominant color is white but his ears are mostly black, which gives him a sort of Snoopy look (Snoopy is one of his nicknames in our house, including "Bear", and I don't know how he got that one, lol!)

The coat of the Cockapoo will vary from dog to dog. Some will have the smoother coat of the spaniel, while others may have a curlier coat like a Poodle. For many Cockapoos, their hair will be a mixture somewhere between the two - Tucker's is sort of wavy.

Cockapoo size and weight are a function of what type of dogs the parents were. Breeders usually use a toy or miniature poodle as the poodle parent. So, generally, take an average between the two parents and you will have an "idea" of how big your Cockapoo will grow to.

Tucker's mama, Tantalizer, was black and white and she was a Cockapoo herself— his dad I never met but he was a Toy Poodle, that's why Tucker is technically considered a Cockapoopoo, because he is actually a cross between a Cockapoo and a Poodle making him three quarters Cockapoo and only one quarter Poodle— this technically makes him a "Cockapoopoo."

Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoos Are Energetic and Tucker Absolutely Loves to Play Catch

Cockapoos are very playful and energetic and will need to be exercised. It's from experience that I speak, lol. In other words, you will most likely have to run the dog so that it can get out its energy, because they have A LOT of energy.

Tucker loves to run and jump and play catch. If he had a uniform, he would probably do well on a football team, lol! He runs extremely fast too. He is all boy!

History of the Cockapoo

The Miniature Poodle Is the Starting Point of the Cockapoo

It's well-known that the Poodle is one of the most intelligent dogs. Poodles date back to the Middle Ages and were used by hunters as retrievers because of their high trainability, excellent swimming capabilities.

Today, poodles are known for their intelligence, elegance, alertness, sociability and grace. They are easy to train and also make excellent guard dogs. They are low-shedding and hypoallergenic as well. This means that while they do shed, the amount of hair that comes out is very low and people allergic to dog hair will most likely not be allergic to any dog from a Poodle mix because that dog will assume the hypoallergenic trait.

For instance, when my family and I were searching for a dog, we originally thought we might like to have a King Charles Cocker Spaniel. However, after visiting a King Charles Spaniel breeder, my husband sneezed so much the following day that he had to leave work. Therefore, we knew we had to find a hypoallergenic breed and started looking into breeds with a Poodle mix. As a side note, my husband is NOT allergic to our Cockapoo, Tucker, in the least.

Cute Cockapoo Puppy

Socializing Your Cockapoo Puppy

A Friendly Puppy Makes a Happy Dog

Puppy kindergarten classes are one of the best investments you will ever make in your puppy, even if you think you already know how to train a dog. Besides being a lot of fun, these classes will help you see how smart and trainable your Cockapoo is compared to most other dogs in the class! Check with your trusted veterinarian to see if they offer classes, most do. If they don't, chances are they can recommend another vet that does.

A well-trained dog will have a healthy, happy personality and feel secure and loved. Your puppy needs to meet a wide variety of people and other dogs and needs to be taken to a variety of places: rides in the car, to the bank, inside stores that allow dogs (I know PetSmart is one that allows dogs), walks in the park, in addition to just good old play time in the backyard.

You and he will get a huge amount of free socialization at these places. This will make for an outgoing and friendly dog. If you don't have your own kids, make an effort to expose your puppy to children so he will always consider them friends.

Toys and Treats

Puppies love soft squeak toys, rawhide bones, pigs ears, sterilized hollow bones in which you can slip a piece of meat or peanut butter, tug-of-war toys, and balls, to name just a few.

Although puppies love most of these things, pigs' ears, rawhides and other easily eaten items are not recommended since they add too much protein to their diet and can be extremely dangerous to their health if they swallow small pieces.

There are some differing opionions about tug of war toys. Some authorities think it will make athe dog aggressive. In order to keep the game under control you must remember to stand up so that you are in the dominant position and the pup will remember who is the master. Remember, playing this game gently and letting the dog win sometimes is a good idea so that it doesn't turn into a real war, so to speak , and it remains fun and non-aggressive.

As a training reward, small bites of beef jerky or liver treats are a good choice.

I personally love to give Tucker a Kong (see below) filled with peanut butter and a few Cheerios as a daytime treat. He absolutely loves this.

Leo and Tucker Battle It out for the Dog Bed

Tucker has resigned himself to the cat bed! Poor baby...

How to Know If a Cockapoo Is the Right Breed for You

A Cockapoo is designed and bred to be a family dog that has superior ability to relate to both children and adults. With his unique intelligence and eagerness to please, there isn't much that a Cockapoo could not be trained to do. Cockapoos could be trained in many different ways: as a search and rescue dog, as a guide dog for the blind or hearing dog for the deaf, as an assistance dog for physically handicapped and even as a show dog.

He becomes very attached to his owner and if allowed, no matter what the size would be a lapdog. Although they are not bred as guard dogs, they have been known to be very protective of their families. Tucker is both a lapdog and a guard dog in my opionion.

Every night after dinner my husband picks him up and cradles him in his arms as if he was a baby and Tucker falls asleep for a few minutes, lol! Usually he just wants to get a whiff of what's been served for dinner but eventually enjoys his daily dog nap on my husband's lap. It's so cute how we treat him just like he actually is a baby, shushing each other while he's sleeping.

The allure of designer dogs and poodle mixes, in particular, is quickly gaining in popularity and has captivated thousands of people. Fortunately, there are many dedicated breeders producing healthy, sound, and lovely Cockapoos to meet the demand for these undeniably terrific dogs

Each puppy is unique and offers the benefits of the Poodle heritage, intelligence, an easy-care coat and a nice disposition. The more people seek out these mixes, the more breeders will produce these adorable family dogs. If you decide that a Cockapoo is right for you, be sure to find a reputable breeder that has excellent credentials.

You can check out The CCA website. They have a list of breeders all over the U.S. and Canada and make a good attempt to assess breeder quality, and although there is a small charge for the breeder list, you will be able to talk to or email a live person with your questions. Good luck in your search for the perfect family dog!

Tucker Is Going to the Park!

I have never seen a dog with more energy than Tucker. While he is slowing down a bit at the age of 12, he still loves to play.

It almost seems as if he is sad when he is not outside chasing a ball. I have also realized lately that I have never seen another dog that anticipates the ball the way he does.

It's almost as if he knows where the ball is going to fall when it's thrown to him. He will watch it in the air, and then wait for it to land. He goes out for the pass like a quarterback. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true!

He will bring the ball to me. Barks at me to throw it while he is running in the opposite direction. Turns around at the edge of the lawn with his ear toppling on to the top of his head. Waits for the throw. Catches the ball and brings it back immediately.

I have always said Tucker is a little boy. If I could put a baseball hat on his head and a mit on his paw he would be the best outfielder ever!

Tucker Is Almost 12 and Still Loves to Play Ball

Tucker Enjoying the Slide at the Local Park on a Hot Summer Day

Cockapoo Temperment

Cockapoo’s are known for some of the best qualities a breed can have; loyalty, playfulness, intelligence and good health are just a few. Your pup will want to snuggle with you in the mornings, play with your children in the afternoons and watch television with you and the family after dinner in the evenings; they will basically be like another member of your family! Your little Cockapoo puppy only wants to make you happy; so it is important that you train your puppy while they are young so they are obedient as an adult and socialize them with other dogs and animals so they do not learn to be fearful of other animals. Proper training and socializing will make your relationship with your puppy more fulfilling and positive and they will be a well-rounded pup!

Tucker loves going for car rides...

Dawn on July 26, 2020:

Why are people charging so much money for cavapoo puppies. I have 2 one 11years which I paid £600. The other 4 years old I paid £800. Someone said that people are taking advantage of the covid 19 pandemic. Paying between £2000 and upto nearly £4000 WHY???? I was looking to buy another, as my eldest, is vary poorly

Mackenzie bryce on April 20, 2018:

Soooooo CUTE i wish i had one

Nina on January 31, 2017:

I was given a rescue Cockapoo pup of 8 months old, 11 years ago, he had been badly treated so was a little ferral at first. But quickly he learned to be housetrained, to do tricks and then to walk off lead. He was SO smart that he became more obediant off than on it and he never needed one again from the age of 2 and we would be outside walking a lot each day. He understood many, many words in fact most conversations. He was easy to train, a very happy dog and very obediant - he wanted to please humans so much. He learned to read hand signals so that you could give him commands from a distance - say from inside a shop. I began talking to him in French in his later years and he began to understand some French phrases. He was a very respectful dog, he would never steal food even if you left it on the floor next to him, he would only eat foods he knew was for him. He would never jump on chairs or beds or venture into my kids room because he knew he wasnt supposed to be in there. Once he understood a command he retained the knowledge. He had his own armchair and every SINGLE time he wanted to sit on it he would wait and look at me as if asking permission. And I would be like YES of COURSE you can sit on your own chair boy!! You dont need to ask every time! haha only then would he jump up on it.He would go everywhere with me on all errands, walking or bus and he was such great company - never a nuisance he was most happy accompaning me places, he would walk with a grin on his face. Daily, people- strangers, aquantances and friends alike would say to me what a perfect dog he was. Many times lots of different people have said that they are not dog people but they happen to LOVE my dog. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer and 6 months later he passed away. I've lost my best friend and miss him something chronic! He was by my side for much of 10 and a half years and it went too quickly. Enjoy every minute with that beautiful friend. Time goes too fast and you can't get them back. I saw this page because I miss him and it reminded me of him. Cockapoos, are in my experience, one of, if not THE Smartest breed of dog. Mine was so intelligent he seemed to be a human in a dogs body. I would recommend anybody to get one they are just awesome. I write this comment about my Scamps because I seem to be the only one who still thinks of him and want other people to know what an awesome dog has died and there'll never be one like him.

Merry Citarella from Oregon's Southern Coast on November 28, 2013:

What's not to love! They are so adorable. Lots on info here too--thanks.

Faye Rutledge from Concord VA on November 20, 2013:

Yes, your doggie is so cute!! My son has a cockapoo, but his has the long nose of the poodle.

RedShoesGirl on May 09, 2013:

The mixed breeds are often the cutest ones.

Loretta Livingstone from Chilterns, UK. on March 18, 2013:

Such a cute dog. I love most animals, but he surely is extra cute. Gigalove

Krys Cortez from Houston, Texas on April 15, 2012:

I have always thought they were so soft. Cute and well put together

anonymous on September 23, 2011:

Cockapoos certainly do have cuteness down pat and such fun little personalitiesmake them high on the adorability scale for sure. My goodness, Leo is bigger than huge!

agoofyidea on September 09, 2011:

Your dog is very cute. Thanks for showing him off.

Top 10 Cutes Dog Breeds From Around The World Who Can Be The Perfect Pets

Everyone loves having pets and dogs make the first choice for many people, when they look out for pets. It is said that if dogs could speak human would rarely need anyone else to talk with. Dogs are said to be the best companion for humans as they are the most loyal as well as protective pets that one can ever have. There are lots of varieties of cutest dog in the world which you can adopt and bring them home.

There are people who choose their dogs on the basis of the looks and they generally prefer cute looking dogs. Cute dogs doesn’t mean that they would always be from the toy dog family. There are many family as well as wild dogs who looks absolutely adorable and cute in appearance. If you are one of those people who want to have cute little dogs then here are some top cutest dogs from all over the world that you can have as your pet:

Boston terrier:

Source –

They are one of the smallest dog breeds and they small size makes them absolutely adorable. They are full of naughtiness and you can never guess when they would turn into an active soul. When they would turn into laziest. They can keep you entertain throughout the day by their cute as well as funny moves.

Golden retriever:

Source –

This cute as well as adorable dog breed keeps the home full of joy and adds a charm in the house. People love to have them around as they are one of the most loyal dog breeds and their cuteness is also one of the reasons. They come mostly in golden color and have long and soft fur with long earns as well. The best thing is that they are so socialize that they would never let you down and it is really hard to be bored when around them.

Labrador retriever:

Source –

Labrador is best known as a retriever gun dog breed and they are the perfect family dog just like golden retriever. Though they are known for their jolly as well as naughty nature. It is said that it is hard to get a labra obey your words but all of their mischievous work can be forgiven because of their cute yet jolly appearance.

It is because of their intelligence that they get chance to serve in army as well as in police department. It is because of their ability to find anything just by smelling so they are highly use when something need to be found. They come in a variety of colors like black, blond, dark brown, golden etc.

Shiba Inu:

Source –

Don’t be fool by their innocent as well as cute look that they have, this dog breed from Japan. It is a great hunting dog and can be count among wild dogs. This dog is very famous for their active nature as well as agility and they can be aggressive at times. They have a small fur throughout the body of generally white, tan, brown as well as blond colors. Their most adorable thing is the way they howl and most of people often get confuse them as a fox.


Source –

If you love teddy bears them you simply cannot stop admiring their cuteness. It seems like they are the hybrid of teddy with a lion that actually came alive. No doubt that they have been internet sensation for a reason and they have also top many dog fashion shows. They have a fat chubby body which is completely cover in furs.

Their fur color vary in colors like dark brown, blond, tan, white, black etc. they have tiny eyes as well as nose. Which makes them totally adorable but the way they wag their small tale makes everyone fall in love with them.


Source –

These all white cute little fur ball proves to be the most amazing pets they look cute as well as adorable. They are so friendly in nature and active that you would never feel bore wile in their company. They enjoy human interactions and love to spend time with their human friends.

Just small cuddles as well as a good massage on their back or head is enough to make them happy. You can always check them flaunting their cuteness in social media platforms through their cute pictures as well as with their adorable and funny videos.


Source –

This dog breed in particular is so active and cute looking that they would definitely make you love them. It is really hard for anyone to resist themselves from loving them. They come in a combination of colors like while, black, tan, dark brown as well as light brown. They have really small pairs of legs and a long body with a tiny take.

But, their long ears make their whole look adorable and it is the reason why they are in the list of cutest dogs in the world. You will be surprise to know that this dog breed is the first preference of police and well as airport authority as security dog.

French bulldog:

Source –

It is another popular dog breed that is ruling the social media platform by his extreme cute looks. The whole internet is going crazy all his pictures as well as videos post by the people who already own one of them. They are popular by the name of Frenchie and people in UK as well USA commonly love to have them as their pet.

They are usually of small size with short fur size as well and come in black, white, tan, gray colors. Their usually has a pitch voice which is enough to make you fall in love with them. This dog breed loves to be around humans and being alone scares them.

Yorkshire terrier:

Source –

These are very famous among celebrities as stylists as well. Because of the simple reason that they look absolutely amazing. Their long fur makes them perfect for many people to experiment on their fur and style them. They often come in blond to light brown color. These dogs are quite hard to make them obey your command as this little puppy is quite moody in nature.

Siberian husky:

Source –

This the cutest dog in the world and the social media craze of this dog is enough to prove the statement correct. It has a dense soft coat of fur which covers the his whole body and the color of the fur come mainly in combination of colors like white and grey combination or white of brown combination. They have straight triangular ears which make them look so adorable that there are rare people who can resist themselves from loving this cute beast.

They are very playful puppies but are protective in nature and the most surprising thing about them is that they can even hunt and are considere as wild beast. They often have blue or brown pair of eyes which makes them look beautiful as well as cute.

These were few of the world’s cutest dog breeds that you can have a pet and at the same time enjoy their company.

7 Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs are the most favorite pets in the world. There are so many people are asume that dogs are part of their family.

Not suprisingly that sometimes people sleep with the dog and do most of the activity with their dogs. Dogs are a loyal pet, they will be there wherever you are when they loved you already.

Dogs will remember their owner and they will love you with all their heart.

They will standing or sitting in the front of your house to waiting for you to comeback home when you are go to school or work or wherever you go, they will be there for you, that is why the dogs are sometimes make you feel so much better after your tired day or even your bad day.

Sometimes people said, “Dogs are the cure”

People adobt the dogs because some reason, maybe to accompany them, or because they would like the dogs to have a better life when they are adobt them.

No matter what the reason, nobody are deserve to torture the animal, especially the dogs.

The Cockapoo is officially the UK's favourite puppy to adopt

The UK's most popular puppy breeds have been revealed in new research — and it seems Brits can't get enough of the adorable Cockapoo.

To brighten up lockdown life, the team over at have researched some of our all-time favourite puppies, based on current Google adoption searches. They found that, unsurprisingly, Cockapoos took the top spot, thanks to their easy-going nature and affectionate personalities.

In second spot is the gorgeous German Shepherd, followed closely by Golden Retrievers. "In these uncertain times, it seems that thousands of us are turning to the web for pictures of puppies to put a smile on our faces," Mubina Pirmohamed, manager of pet insurance at, said.

"Whether you're separated from a family dog, contemplating getting your own furry friend to keep you company, or searching for pictures of puppies to make you smile, the uplift in searches shows that puppies are among the many things we are missing in our lives during the current climate.

"Our favourite puppy breeds might be based on factors such as temperament, 'cuteness', or because they remind us of our childhood pets. Whatever the reason, it's clear to see that many of us have a love for dogs, with lots of countries sharing their favourite dog breeds."

As well as the most popular puppy breeds in the UK, the team also analysed the most popular puppies globally, too. Take a look at the top breeds below.

5 most popular puppy dog breeds in the UK

  1. Cockapoo
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Rottweiler
  5. Husky

5 most popular puppy dog breeds in the world

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The 25 Cutest Dog Breeds You'll Wish You Could Cuddle All the Time

Our definitive ranking includes adorable pups of all shapes and sizes.

It's impossible to pick favorites when it comes to dogs. Every single one of them deserves the title of man's best friend, and every single one of them deserves a life full of love, cuddles, and lots and lots of toys. As dog lovers, it's difficult to rank the cutest dog breeds. After all, what do you prioritize first? The paws? The ears? Something else? Everyone has a different opinion on the matter.

Obviously, our list of the cutest dog breeds is totally subjective and far from exhaustive. However, we think these pups deserve some recognition for being seriously adorable. From corgis and beagles to huskies and setters, these are the cutest dog breeds we wish we could smother with love. Looking for a new pup? Check out our roundups of the best family dogs and the most popular dog breeds too.

The only thing better than one adorable husky is an entire sled team of 'em. Just be prepared for their outsized energy.

Trust the Queen of England to have an excellent taste in dogs. Elizabeth II's love for corgis goes unmatched — she's had over 30 of them in her lifetime!

Beauty and brains, Aussies have got it all. These intelligent pups like having a job to do, so the people-pleasers pick up new tricks right away.

Am Staffs are just one of the breeds popularly called pit bulls, but don't let stereotypes fool you. Thes e good-natured and smart pups love being a part of the family.

Snoopy may be the world's most popular beagle , but the three-dimensional ones are just as charming. The lovable hounds like to follow their noses, occasionally right into trouble.

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