Cat layette - what cat accessories to buy?

Will your family soon get a cat? Then shopping is waiting for you. Before the new tenant enters your home, you need to stock up on a few things that will be useful to him in the near future. What should a cat layette contain?

1. Cat bowl / drinker

The cat layette should certainly include a cat bowl - for water and food. The number of cat bowls can make you dizzy. However, it is worth spending some time choosing the right one. The cat is not indifferent from what vessel he will eat and drink from.

So that the cat is happy, a bowl served him for a long time, it is best to choose a bowl made made of stainless steel. These types of dishes are easy to clean. Additionally, some bowls have a non-slip rim that prevents the cat from wandering around the apartment with them.

They will be a good choice too ceramic bowls. You can purchase a set of two removable bowls on a sturdy, non-slip support. These are also hygienic and easy to clean, and have a modern look. Perhaps the cat will not appreciate it, but you will!

Popular products:

  • stainless steel cat bowl: CHECK
  • a set of ceramic cat bowls: CHECK

2. Cat's matters - hygiene

Another essential element of the cat's layette is the litter box. There are also so many types of litter boxes that you can get lost in it. The most important thing, however, is to remember that the cat's toilet should be large enough for the cat to feel completely at ease in it.

So: what litter box for the cat to buy? We recommend one that is closed and has a carbon filter, which will reduce the spread of the smell around the apartment. Swinging doors will give your cat the comfort of taking care of its needs. If the cat doesn't like them, you can take them out.

Remember also that cats like a clean litter box. Therefore, in addition to the litter box, it is worth having buckle shovelcheap. It is best to choose a sturdy spatula with large meshes that will allow you to select lumpy litter and leave it unused in the litter box.

Popular products:

  • cat litter box: CHECK
  • Spatula for a cat litter box: CHECK
  • Cat litter litter: CHECK

3. A place to lie down for the cat

Your cat will like to take a nap sometimes. He will surely like to take a nap on his desk, pile of clothes or on the windowsill. Nevertheless, invest in a comfortable lying place for your cat, because this, according to behaviorists, will work when your cat becomes sick or under stress.

Cats like to sleep a little higher, where they have a good view of the surroundings - this makes them feel confident. In addition, cats love warmth. You can combine these things and make your cat happy by buying him cat hammockwhich you hang near the radiator.

The second option is a lair. If you prefer to buy cat bed, choose large, comfortable and machine washable. An additional advantage will be the non-slip surface and higher edges, which will make the cat feel safer and sleep peacefully.

Popular products:

  • cat hammock: CHECK
  • cat bed: CHECK

4. Traveling with your cat

Sometimes you will transport your cat to the vet, for example. Then you will need a carrier - without it it will be difficult for you to travel with your cat. The choice of a cat carrier is important as a cat is usually stressed while traveling. It is worth limiting this stress for him.

Ideal cat carrier it should be large and solidly constructed. Pay attention to whether the carrier has a lock that will prevent the cat from escaping. An additional advantage will be a stroking hole, through which you will calm the cat when the need arises.

If your cat doesn't like the carrier and you will mostly be traveling by car, think about an alternative in the form of harness for a cat. You can attach the harness to the buckle of the car's seat belts, thanks to which your cat will be safe while traveling.

Popular products:

  • cat carrier: CHECK
  • harness for a cat: CHECK

5. Cat safety

Another important point: home security! Cats are extremely curious creatures. They like to wander around the apartment, but also ... they look for an opportunity to get out of it - at least on the balcony. So make sure your cat does not get hurt.

If you have the opportunity, you can create a cat's paradise on the balcony - he will be very happy to monitor the area. However, remember that a cat does not always fall to its four paws and has nine lives. Before you let your cat out on the balcony, make sure you secure the space ohwith a rotating net!

The same is the case with windows. Cats love to hang out on the windowsill. However, the vicinity of a tilted window is a great threat to a cat. A curious cat can get stuck and hurt itself a lot. So do not tilt the windows or secure them checkered.

Popular products:

  • window grille: CHECK
  • window mesh: CHECK

6. Cat toys

Play is a very important part of cat's everyday life. It allows you to satisfy your cat's predatory instincts. In addition, it also helps to strengthen your bond and reduces your cat's behavioral problems. It is therefore important that there is always a toy within the cat's paw.

Cats like toys the most, which at least slightly resemble a natural victim - those with feathers or fur. No wonder that it is an absolute hit among cat toys fishing rodand for a cat. Colorful feathers will not miss your pet's attention!

Apart from fishing rods, other toys are also worth trying. At the beginning, a purchase will be a good solution kit various toysfor example multi-colored cat balls. This way you will discover which toys are the most popular with him.

Popular products:

  • cat fishing rod: CHECK
  • a set of cat balls: CHECK

7. Cat scratcher

Finally, remember: your cat will be scratching! Scratching is an instinctive behavior in a cat and it is not about sharpening the claws. There are scent glands on the cat's paws - when the cat scratches, it leaves its own scent. Scratching is also a cat's way of stress and stretching.

Accordingly, think about buying scratching post for the cat. Thanks to this, you will avoid a situation when one day after returning home you will find a shabby door or a sofa. To encourage your cat to scratch a scratching post, buy one that he can also climb on and rest on.

If you do not want to buy a scratching post or are looking for additional protection against cat's claws, stock up on mscratch mat. You can put it where your cat likes to scratch most often. Pay attention to mats made of solid cardboard - they are more durable.

Popular products:

  • cat scratcher: CHECK
  • Cat scratch mat: CHECK

And that's all! Now you know what you need to make your cat tenant feel safe and comfortable in your home. You also know what you might need when traveling to the vet. So it's time to go shopping, and then you can safely wait for a new household member.

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