Origin of cats: how and where did our kittens come from?

People who watch a majestic lion or an imposing tiger often ask how a giant feline came to be transformed into his cuddly pet cat? The answer to the origin of the felines is not very simple how to ask this question, but, in a very summarized form, the result we have today is the reflection of the process of years of natural selection, not necessarily directly related to lions, leopards, tigers and other similar cats.

Before proceeding with the origin of the felines it is necessary to understand what natural selection of species is. The term widely publicized by Charles Darwin in his book “The Origin of Species” defines the evolution of living beings through a selection that happens in a natural way. A good example would be long-necked and short-necked (extinct) giraffes. At one point a common ancestor split into two breeds of giraffes, they reproduced and, in another situation, the short-necked ones ended up dying (probably due to lack of food). This would be natural selection, but in the case of the cats we have today, something different happened, which was the domestication of cats, which is an unnatural process.

What are our domestic cats?

Understanding natural selection, it is possible to skip certain stages of the process, some years of evolution, to be able to study some of the moments when the cat began to be domesticated. But before domestication, natural selection created the common ancestor of the cat we have today. This happened more than 100 thousand years ago from the crossing of up to five different species of felines to arrive at the saying whose common ancestor.

It was only 12 to 10,000 years ago that cats were domesticated. Estimate that domestication started through farmers who used the felines' basic instincts to protect their cereal crops that attracted many rodents. The cat that got used to this situation became more docile and accessible to human contact. This is the basic principle of domestication and origin of cats current.

Another important moment in the origin of the felines it is in cultures where the animal was worshiped as a god or similar spiritual entity, a symbol of good luck, for example. This process had a greater impact in Egypt, where cats were really adored by the population. As mentioned earlier, the feline that was more sociable increased the chances of contact with people. From that, a large number of cat breeds were generated, which crossed with other domesticated felines and even with other small wild species. That is how the domestic cat was proliferated around the world.

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