Lil Bub: Toothless happy

Considering the many Twitter profiles of animals, every newcomer must have something to offer to become a sensation. Lil Bub is one such case. The toothless, panting cat with the protruding googly eyes enchants - no repeat!

Lil Bub: Small in the truest and sweetest sense of the word

Lil Bub doesn't meow. Gargling, squeaking, purring or hiccuping like hiccups is more part of her repertoire. And those goggle eyes! But why is it so small? And why does it seem to just roam the area with its tongue out? Questions after questions. Lil Bub was born dwarf and will not grow in this life either. The lower jaw is too small and the cat is toothless, which is why the tongue sticks out constantly. The body is more like a dachshund, while the legs are much too short.

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A cat conquers Twitter and the world

But all of that doesn't bother Lil Bub and his owner. The cat leads a healthy, happy and satisfied life. Since she can't really jump, she just uses her claws to climb, and the food is swallowed whole in small pieces. The cute little Stubentiger has quickly become an internet sensation with its own Twitter channel and thousands of Facebook fans.

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