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Uncleanliness in cats: causes around the litter box

Sudden uncleanliness in cats can have a very simple cause: the litter box. Sometimes house tigers simply have a problem with the quiet place and do not dream of using it. We would like to describe common reasons for this below. The perfect litter box is large, clean and stable - Image: Shutterstock / Bicheyennezj

After the veterinarian has ruled out health reasons for the sudden uncleanliness of your cat, you should carefully examine the quiet place in your house. The location of the litter box plays an important role.

The location: privacy is important

First things first: A litter box should never be placed next to the food bowl and the drinking or sleeping place. It is also not in good hands in a transit room.

Place it in a quiet, freely accessible place at any time without drafts, ideally in a corner. You should prevent your kitten from being frightened in the quiet village - be it by a high-pitched doorbell or by constantly running children. Often, sudden uncleanliness in cats is caused by a fright that ensures that they no longer dare to go to the litter box.

Important: quantity and quality of the litter box

Uncleanness can also result from power struggles between two cats - not all share their litter box with each other in a brotherly manner. To be chased away by a higher-ranking animal from the litter box with Karacho is enough for most house tigers to avoid it from then on. Therefore, set up at least one litter box per animal.

A cat litter box should also be large, stable, easy to enter, depending on the preference of the cat with or without a roof, not wobbly and always clean. Cats love purity: many of them no longer enter a dirty litter box and prefer to do their business on the clean kitchen floor. Nevertheless, you should be careful with deodorant and sprays for the litter box, because not all cats like that either.

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If you suspect that the litter box is the cause of your cat's uncleanliness, try it out: try a different litter box, several litter boxes, a new location or a new cat litter and very importantly: praise your cat if you do it well Litter box used. Many animals start very well!

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