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Raising the Chihuahua: You should pay attention to this

If you want to dedicate yourself to the education of a Chihuahua, you should be familiar with the peculiarities of this dog breed. The little dog from Mexico is smart, capable of learning, and likes to work with - but it is important that he is treated like a real dog and not like a soft toy. Despite its small size, the Chihuahua should enjoy a good upbringing - Image: Shutterstock / padu_foto

Just like any other four-legged friend, a chihuahua should be taught the basics of dog training consistently and lovingly from the start. If you pamper your dog and let him go through everything, you are doing him and yourself no favor.

Chihuahua education: peculiarities

An important prerequisite for the education of a representative of this breed is the appropriate attitude: Only a chihuahua who is treated lovingly and is mentally and physically busy will cooperate willingly when it comes to the basics of dog training.

In addition to housekeeping and learning various commands, you should start to work early on to counteract typical problem areas of the dog, possibly also by looking for a dog trainer to help. These typical problems can include, for example, constant barking, which may be due to his vigilance and being very reluctant to be alone. In addition, jealousy of other people and animals should be prevented as much as possible - the small, person-bound dog, who would like to have his people all to himself, also tends towards them.

Important: The socialization of the four-legged friend

In addition, your pet should be carefully familiarized with a wide variety of situations from the start and should only have good experiences. You should attach great importance to contact with other dogs. Your little friend has to learn to get along well and appropriately with other dogs, even if they are larger than him. Since the brave dog tends to overestimate himself, he should know his limits well. A dog school offers help here.

Clicker models and accessories for clicker training with dogs

The suitable clicker model is of course the most important accessory for clicker training with dogs: ...

The dog should also know children from an early age. But you should keep an eye on these: The small, delicate Chihuahua is not up to rough handling. If he has bad experiences, he may behave bitchy towards children later. And a little tip at the end: The clever dog from Mexico loves to learn tricks and tricks. Anyone who expands dog training in this direction in a playful manner will delight him.

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