Burmese cat: that's how it is

It is not without reason that the Burma cat is one of the most popular breeds as a pet. The nature of the beautiful Oriental woman is trusting, lively and intelligent - a great companion for families. The nature of the Burmese cat is very similar to that of the Siamese - Image: Shutterstock / Linn Currie

The Burmese cat is not at all fond of being alone - the nature of the beautiful Southeast Asian is far too sociable for that. She feels most comfortable in the company of "her" people or a conspecific. The oriental velvet paw is very lively and active - just like the Siamese cat from which it comes. However, she is not quite as sensitive and does not mumble as much or as loudly as her ancestor.

Nature and character: Open, curious, active

Their openness and trustfulness make the Burma cat a very good family cat that gets along well with children. Lying around lazily in the corner - that doesn't exist with the exotic cat. It is always in action and needs a lot of work. Because it is very intelligent and capable of learning, this breed usually acquires tricks and commands very quickly.

Burmese cat: a playful oriental woman

That's the Burma cat

But not only romp and play are high on the Burma cat's wish list. If you really want to do justice to your being, you have to provide them with a lot of affection and petting. She is very affectionate and would like to always be with her people. If you are traveling a lot, you should only consider buying this breed if you are ready to change something in your life or consider a second animal directly.