Great Dane: A loyal watchdog

Not only does its considerable size ensure that the Tibetan mastiff is not a beginner dog, but also its character. The watchful, self-confident nature of the four-legged friend requires experienced dog owners who are familiar with this breed and its conditions. It is a matter of course for the watchful Tibetan mastiff to take good care - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Lavrentev

If you know the character of the Tibetan mastiff well, keep your pet appropriately and attach great importance to good socialization and dog training, representatives of this dog breed can also be kept as family dogs. Under the right conditions, they are loyal animals who take good care of their humans.

The Tibetan mastiff as a family dog

The big, strong dog from Tibet may have to get used to his people for a while - he doesn't find strangers so interesting and is rather dismissive and reserved towards them. Once he has settled in, his loyal character emerges. Although he is not a cuddly toy, he is a dog who enjoys being close to his people and enjoying family connections. It is just as important to him to belong as to take care of his family.

Better to go for a walk than to learn tricks

The strong, reliable dog breed must be used accordingly to show a calm and balanced nature. Long walks and in-between game units are wonderful for this. The massive four-legged friend is not really made for learning tricks or doing dog sports like agility. In order to really learn something seriously, he simply lacks the drive: he has a rather small attention span and is not particularly eager to learn, which is also due to his independent character.

Not an easy dog

As a watchful mastiff with a strong protective instinct, this dog is confident, freedom-loving and strong-willed. Their rather dominant character is also typical of the mastiff and their owners should know that submissiveness and willless obedience are simply not their way.

Great Dane: Large dog with a lion's mane

To react quickly and to take care of house and yard are in her blood, which will surely show again and again in the attitude of this special dog.

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