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When dogs pull on a leash: possible reasons

Dogs that are constantly on a leash are tiring for their owners - but how do they get used to it? As with so many behavioral problems, the causes of this bad habit are mostly upbringing or incorrect husbandry conditions. Dogs who pull on a leash have often learned no differently - Image: Shutterstock / Christian Mueller

Walking on a leash needs to be practiced - and if you want to avoid having your pet hanging around in the collar later when walking, you should show your puppy how to do it properly. The youngster should not rush in front of you all the time while going for a walk, but should be told with a lot of praise that you would very much appreciate it if it walked alongside you in a good manner and on a slack line. Visits to the dog school for puppies or working with a dog trainer will help if your little protégé is a bit difficult with this task.

Are the housing conditions correct?

Has your dog really learned to walk on a leash and still pull on it? Then the housing conditions could be a possible cause. Maybe they are not optimally adapted to the size, breed or temperament of the four-legged friend, so that he has too much energy and does not know how to channel his high spirits differently than with tugging on a leash.

A large dog who has the need to stretch his legs on a leash can also have problems with the walking pace of the person - accompanying him while jogging or cycling would probably be more in his spirit.

Pulling on a leash: possible parenting mistakes

When dogs pull on a leash, the reason is often that they have learned to get away with it, so their owners have given in, or have even let them go. Sometimes a roll-off line is also to blame, thanks to which a four-legged friend has noticed that pulling on the collar leads to more freedom. It is important to ensure from the start that a dog learns to walk on the slack leash.

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A too rough upbringing can favor that a dog pulls on the leash later, for example if he tries to get as far away from his owner as possible.