These were the most popular dog names in 2014

If you are still looking for a name for your future four-legged friend, you could find inspiration in the most popular dog names from 2014. Or maybe you are just curious: Which names did the dog owners in Germany most often give their darlings in the past year? Not so easy: choose the right name for a dog - Image: Shutterstock / Frank11

While parents-to-be like to give their offspring unique and unusual names, dog owners rely on the tried and tested. This was the result of an evaluation by the animal protection organization TASSO e.V., which presents the most popular dog names every year. The basis for the evaluation of 2014 was 7.6 million registered animals in the Central Pet Register of Germany.

This is the best way to call dog ladies

Nothing has changed at the top of the most popular dog names for bitches in the past seven years, as Philip McCreight, head of TASSO e.V., says: "It is very interesting that Luna has been the undisputed leader among female dog names for seven years now." And Emma and Bella have also been in second and third place for several years. While Amy, Kira, Lilly, Lucy, Paula and Nala take turns in the following ranks each year, Mia was among the most popular dog names for the first time in 2014.

The most popular dog names of the males

The list of the most popular dog names for males is as constant as that of women. At the top, however, there was a change: Rocky made it back to number one in 2014 for the first time in five years. Sammy, who was last at the top in 2012, is hot on his heels. Max, Sam, Balu and Lucky are again in places three, four, five and six. The absolute newcomer in seventh place is Buddy, who even leaves Bruno, Charly and Paul behind.

There are definitely suitable names for both large breeds and small ones - now your personal taste has to decide whether you choose one of the most popular dog names from the past year or prefer to use a very unusual name.

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