Play! Kitten Jupiter scratches the beautiful parquet

"Hey, stay here!", The little baby cat Jupiter in the video seems to want to say of the fishing rods pulling their human foster parents across the room. The kitten holds on tightly with its small mouth and does not even think about letting go of its prey. Too bad that the wooden floor is very slippery.

Kitten Jupiter whizzes from left to right as it bravely tries to hold onto its toy. "Wait a minute, I have claws!", The baby cat seems to remember and extends its mini-claws. "Ratchet-ratchet-ratchet" then does it on the floor while Jupiter tries to find a hold on the slippery floor. But in the end it's about making a sugar-sweet ball of fur happy. Jupiter is in his element and finds it great to practice his hunting talent. And scratched parquet can be sanded down if necessary.

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