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Causes of an anxiety disorder in cats

If the kitty hardly dares to stand behind the sofa, good advice is expensive. After all, anxiety disorders in cats can have various causes. It often takes a lot of empathy to find out the reasons for the cat's fear. The causes of an anxiety disorder in cats are many - Image: Pashin Georgiy / Shutterstock

The causes of an anxiety disorder in cats can often be deep. If your house tiger shows clear symptoms of anxiety beyond normal fear, it may be time to investigate the causes of this behavior. In many cases it helps to know the background of the disorder, so that you can work with a lot of patience and sensitivity to take away the fear from the cat. A cat psychologist may also be available to assist you.

Anxiety disorder in cats is often rooted in childhood

The basis for an anxiety disorder may have been laid early in the cat's life. For example, fearful behavior also develops when the cat as a young animal has been exposed to only a few external stimuli or has not experienced enough human attention. In such a case, the adult cat quickly feels overwhelmed because it has never learned to deal with the relevant situations.

The opposite can also be the case: If a kitten experiences too many external stimuli in the first weeks of its development, this can lead to an anxiety disorder in adulthood. An early separation from the mother or very frequent changes in the cat's surroundings can also be expressed through great anxiety. Sometimes the reason for these symptoms is also due to a hormonal disorder or a physical illness in the cat.

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Causes of fear: negative experiences with people

If a cat has a bad experience with a caregiver, an anxiety disorder can develop. Some cats are also afraid of certain groups of people, for example strangers in general or the postman and other uniformed people. Here it is reasonable to assume that a corresponding trauma was hidden in the past of the velvet paw. If a certain family member punishes the cat regularly, for example if the kitty scratches the wallpaper or relieves himself next to the litter box, this can lead to the cat being particularly afraid of this person.

Anxiety triggers in everyday dealings

The causes of an anxiety disorder are not always in the past. Sometimes accidental mistakes in handling the cat can cause the pet to become afraid of its owner - even if the pet actually means it well. If the cat is constantly disturbed at its resting place, for example by children playing, being held, held or carried around against their will, this can lead to a long-term anxiety disorder in a sensitive animal.