Attention garbage bag, doggie! Oops, clumsy ...

For the dogs in this video, a leisurely walk with their owners becomes an experience. While one guy stays very good with his mistress and owner, the second four-legged friend discovers a garbage bag - and flops into the water out of sheer excitement.

Actually, the couple just wanted to take a leisurely stroll around the water with their dachshunds. But they hadn't expected the curiosity and clumsiness of their four-legged friends. While a dachshund runs casually around her, the other has already discovered the garbage bag that is being blown in its direction by the wind. He prefers to quickly tear away, but forgets to look ahead and loses his way. Plump, the poor rascal has already fallen into the water. But of course the owners are immediately on the spot and save their darling. Quite exciting, such a walk!

Images for Dachshund fans: cute little hunting dog with character

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