Lively sphynx cat gang disturbs making beds

Boing! In this video, one cheeky Sphynx cat after another is jumping around on the blanket that its owner is about to spread out on the bed. Tidiness in the bedroom is boring, the funny kitties find and do their utmost to sabotage the housework of their can opener.

As soon as the human cat mom has carefully put a corner of the blanket under the mattress, the cheeky Sphynx cat gang comes and bustles underneath. The blanket is, of course, plucked out again: a bed looks muffled and messed up much more comfortably and invites you to play. The playful cheeky badgers bounce up and down like little bullies, mumbling to their owner that she should finally play along. She bravely tries to keep the bed going, but with this cute gang of rattles that is impossible. But she is not angry with her lively group. As well as? As cute as the jokers are, you just have to love them.

Exotic and sensitive: the Sphynx cat

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