Outdoor enclosure for rabbits: what does a good outdoor enclosure need?

An open-air enclosure for rabbits is the most species-appropriate way of keeping them, since it most closely corresponds to the conditions in the wild. Every long-eared dog is happy about an exciting outdoor enclosure. It is important that this has the necessary equipment and all safety precautions. Rabbits feel particularly comfortable among many other species in a large outdoor enclosure - Shutterstock / Mikkel Bigandt

No matter whether you keep your rabbits all year round or only occasionally in a free-range enclosure - the fur noses love exercise and space to run around and play in the fresh air. By the way: Since many outdoor enclosures from specialist retailers are too small, you can also consider whether you want to build an outdoor enclosure for rabbits yourself.

Appropriate and safe: outdoor enclosure for rabbits

An outdoor enclosure for your rabbits should definitely be large enough so that the animals can move freely. There should be at least three square meters per animal, preferably more. A couple would therefore need at least six square meters of floor space. It is important that you secure the outdoor enclosure properly, both from possible enemies such as birds of prey, martens or dogs that could scare or even attack your loved ones, as well as from an outbreak. For occasional exercise in the outdoor enclosure, a chain link fence is recommended, which not only protects the enclosure from all sides, but also upwards. Depending on the design, you can also provide security with other transparent fences. It is important that your long ears, who dig very well and like to dig, cannot dig through and break out under the boundary. If your outdoor enclosure does not have a solid surface, you should dig the side boundaries at least 50 centimeters deep into the ground.

A good outdoor enclosure is covered

Protection from drafts, rain and direct sunlight is essential. Especially if your rabbits are outdoors a lot, or even all year round, the rabbit run enclosure needs a protected area with a stable roof that is slightly sloping so that rain can drain away. At best, at least two thirds of the enclosure is covered. When buying, pay attention to weatherproof and stable material that does not collapse even when exposed to snow.

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Equipment for outdoor enclosures

In addition to space and protection from enemies and the weather, a good outdoor stable needs a certain basic equipment so that your fur friends don't lack anything. Appropriate shelter is mandatory, as a small house protects the rabbits from moisture, cold and other circumstances and is a place of retreat. The dormitory should be closed and isolated on all sides except for one or two passages. In addition, it must not stand directly on the floor, as otherwise frost can affect it. You should lay out shavings inside so that the long ears have a cozy feel.

In addition, the enclosure must have a feeding and drinking point - fresh drinking water must always be available. Observation platforms or elevated places that can be climbed are also important for well-being. Rabbits love to have a good view. At the same time, there should also be hiding places - such as branches, stones or barks. Rabbit toys are also a must. In addition to a grassy area, the Hoppelschnuten also enjoy a sandy area in the outdoor enclosure. Your veterinarian can give you more tips.

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